Hey! Are you happy?

Last week I happened to have a conversation with one of my old friend. My phone rang and I answered the call. Before I could say hello, “Hey! Are you happy?” came from the other end. To be frank, I was never expecting a question like that. Who would ask such a question? I was only familiar with “how are you?”-“I am good and you?” types.

I was quiet for a moment.

“Am I happy?” I asked myself.
No, I am not.
My life is messed up, everything around me sucks.
I am nowhere in my career.
I have no job.
No money.
My dreams are just words now.
People don’t respect me.
People do judge me.
They make lame jokes about me.
I have gained a lot of pounds and is being body shamed for that.
And never-ending problems danced over my head.

Instead of replying, I asked back “Are you happy?”.
“Nope” came from the other end.
“And why so?” , I asked.
“Life sucks, you know?”.
“Mine too”, my mind voice said.

And soon after, the question “Are you happy?” was far away from our conversation.

The call ended after one hour and twenty three minutes. That night in bed I was reflecting upon the same question “Are you happy? ”

I was tossing and turning in bed the whole night. I was deep in my thoughts and came to a conclusion after hours of reflecting.

To be happy in this moment is your choice.
To pass a smile to others is your choice.
To live is your choice.
To love is your choice.
To be grateful is your choice.
To be respectful is your choice.
To be depressed is your choice.
To be enthusiastic is your choice.
To be afraid is your choice.
To be brave is your choice.
To read is your choice.
To write is your choice.
To build a career is your choice.
To sleep is your choice.
To be awake is your choice.

And above all, I am blessed with a loving and supportive bunch of family and friends, which others may not be blessed with.

Of all only Your Choice is what matters.

Not the Voice of others.

Everything is your choice, it is what you choose.

One can never be contented with happiness. Everyone needs more and more of it. Nobody’s life is perfect, everyone has a handful of their own problems to be taken care of.

It is your choice to be Happy with that one thing at the very moment.

Make your best Choice to be Happy with all your heart, with whatever you are granted for this moment. Nobody knows what happens next.

And the next time someone asks me, “Are you happy?”.Then, I would say “Yes I am, I chose to be happy at the right moment and you?”.

Image courtesy: Pinterest.


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