Everyone like surprises.Especially on your Born-Day, isn’t it? Yes!! Let us make this birthday more surprising for you, okay? Even if you are taken or single, celebrate this birthday all by yourself. Get out from your duties and responsibilities, and just be yourself. Everyone should try this solo birthday celebration at least once in your lifetime.
Prepare the surprises in prior to the big day and just enjoy the moment then. We spent a lot of time in surprising others for their special days and just forget to treat yourself well on our big days.
Are you ready for the adventure? Yup? Then let’s go.
Solo trip

Take a week off from your work and go on for a solo trip, where you have never been before. Book travel tickets and hotel rooms in advance. Don’t forget to plan for the things to be done on vacation in prior. Enjoy!
Bucket list

Make sure that you strike at least one wish from your bucket list on your birthday every year.

How about ordering your favorite bouquet of flowers with a special message card for you? Make an online order and address it to get delivered in the morning. Wake yourself up to your favorite pleasant smell.
Dress up

Get dressed in a new pair of clothes and put on some makeup. You are all ready for yourself.
Birthday Gifts

Gifts are a major part of celebrating your birthday. Present yourself with things that you have always longed for. Because it is your birthday!!!
Birthday Cake

No birthday is complete without a Birthday cake. Get mini birthday cake and sing “Happy Birthday To Me!!”.The cake is all yours now.Yumm!…

Decorate your room with those colorful balloons and papers. It is super fun to do these kinds of stuff all alone, for you to celebrate alone. Ha!Ha!
To-open letter

A to-open letter is a letter which is written by you and, is to be opened and read on a specific date as addressed in the envelope of the letter. Write a letter on your birthday about the past year, about your blessings, about the things you like to be remembered, anything and everything. Read this letter on your next birthday and recollect your memories. Like this, you have a letter to read about you on every birthday of yours. (You must give it a try).
Spa/massage therapy

The apt time to thank your body and soul.
Birthday Special meals

Treat yourself with a special breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Give a break to your weight loss.
Plant a tree

It is the right time to give back to our mother Earth.
Blood donation

Donate blood every year before/on/after your birthday week. It helps in keeping a track on your donation period too.
Orphanages and old age homes
Serve yourself by donations or services to the homeless people around you.
Homeless pets
If you are a pet lover, then you can offer your donations or services to the homeless pets too.
It seems like foolish and selfish to celebrate your day alone. But the end product called “self-satisfaction” will make you understand the importance to celebrate your day just by yourself. It is sometimes needed in life to get selfish over you. Why expect others to make your day awesome when you are far better than awesome!!

How many revolutions have you been on earth?
Comment down your ideas.

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