“Follow your Passion”, is a usual cliche which we have heard a hundred times. Am I right?
Kudos to the ones are following your passion.
Can anyone help me in finding my passion? People say we should find it our own.
But I am really struggling to find it. I have already wasted a good part of my life, for things to happen. But nevertheless found what I am searching for.?
Please help me out on, how should I find it?
I am someone who can never do something that I hate. I love to do what I love. But what?
I have been trying my hands on few things, but never found what I am passionate about? In the end, I get defeated.
I now feel that this is a troublesome world. Few know their passion, and follow it. Few know their passion, and cannot live it. And there are few who don’t even know where to find it, so you could live it.
Help me!!


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