According to Google, Resolution means “a firm decision to do or not to do something”.It is December month and one more year is gonna end. We have merely 28 days left. And, this is the right time to decide on our “New Year’s Resolution”.

Towards the end of last year, my resolution was not to take any resolutions for the next year. And I firmly did that. And the year has passed and I realize, this ‘resolution thing’ is just made for us, for our betterment as an individual.

You have less than a month to start practicing and adapting it. It is really okay with making mistakes in the very beginning, eventually, you can inculcate it on you. After all, we are all humans, not an integrated chip to follow every command.

Your character gives you true beauty. Begin a change.

You don’t need to have a high-end resolution strategy to decide on your Resolution. Start by doing small and simple ones.

I have decided on mine. Have you? If No, then it’s the right time to give a good thought. And my resolutions are really simple.

Number one, being Thankful for whatever I have in my life.

Number two, do Compliment and Appreciate others (not faking things).

Number three, stop Body-shaming myself and others too.

Number four, not to use the Mobile phone while eating (yeah, sometimes I do).

Celebrate a new beginning!!

Comment down below your resolutions.


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