That was the first time I was going through depression and anxiety. It was like a Rubik’s cube, I was puzzled on what was happening.

The game seemed so much hard for me to resolve. Rather than solving it, I couldn’t even understand what was happening to me.

It was getting really complex. Every time I tried solving, it became more and more challenging.

The pressure was at its peak to find a way out so that everything goes back to normal.

Unless I found out the way to tackle the situation. The formula was so easy. I learned that brain, eye, and hand coordination is the solution to a Rubik’s cube.

Yes, the coordination. So the first step was to find the coordination. It was to find the match between the two. Brain versus heart. Making them the best friends like before.

The journey took long.

It’s not that I am completely over it. I do get depression and anxiety issues. But now, I know the formula to get out.

Now, I know how to solve the hard of the hardest. Because I know practicing the Rubik’s cube can really make you a pro in solving it.

It is just a puzzle. The formula is in your hands. Just apply the formula and you are ready to solve it.

At first you will not know what to do, but eventually, you will learn to spell the magic.

P. S: Thank you to my Dearest Friend for sharing your story!


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