Have you ever thought of going on a date, all by yourself?

Nope? Then its time for you to think.

If yes, then here are more ideas for you.

How about a SOLO BLIND-FOLDED PARTNER DANCE DATE at home?Yup! You heard it right!! Switch ON the music, make your room dark, blindfold your eyes and start dancing. Dance slow, dance gracefully; no one to judge. Put on your smile. Held your hands out, consider your partner in front of you, hold them and just dance. Make sure you arrange your room appropriately to avoid accidents during your section.

SUNRISE DATE. Why not waking up early in the morning, making yourself a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise from your terrace. The trees.The birds.The clouds.The wind.And just you.

SWIMMING DATE DAY. Ever thought of swimming in your swimming pool as a date idea.

LIBRARY DATE.Go to your local library. Grab your favorite book. Find a spot, sit and read until you are kicked out of there.

BINGE DATE at your favorite restaurant.

Time to make a BLANKET FORT. Make the best possible blanket fort you can. Make it cozy. Grab some popcorn and a can of coke. Watch your all-time favorite movie on your laptop, lying under your comfort.


KARAOKE BAR at home isn’t a bad idea. Sing your favorite songs loud.

A 5-STAR DATE.Go to the best 5-star hotel in your locality. Have a day off with yourself. Make sure you use all the amenities available there. From free WiFi, complimentary meal, swimming pool, Jacuzzi,hot-steam bath, gym, spa, sports club, room services and so on.

NIGHT DATE. Watching those dark clouds, the twinkling stars and the bright moon from your window/balcony holding a glass of wine. Perfect! Isn’t it?

A LONG DRIVE DATE, with no destination. Make sure to be safe.

CANDLE-LIGHT DINNER. Cook your favorite dish. Have a candlelight dinner at home. With candles, dim light, flowers, light music and you.

SPA DATE.Go on for a spa date, its time to sit back and relax.

A COFFEE DATE.Coffee date at your favorite cafe.Coffee.Book to read.You.

STREET SHOPPING DATE.Go on a shopping date to buy random things for you.

Invent new cocktail recipes. Come up every week with a new recipe on your COCKTAIL DATE.

VLOGGING DATE DAY. Record a day in your life with random stuff. Edit it into a video and keep it safe as a nostalgia.

There will be more ideas in your mind. Don’t drag it for another day, just do it. A self-date with yourself is really necessary. Your ME TIME. To be all by yourself. The QUALITY TIME with you.

Image Source: Pinterest.


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