Stress: Well! We all have it. The child who gets lost in a crowd, the student having his board exams, the educated-jobless youngsters, the broken couples etc.,

Well. OK!

I am not going to stress on ‘STRESS’, let’s not get into it.

It is just common. I have it; you have it. Yeah?

Stress; well, we all have it.

Let us see how to tackle and unwind the situation.

Relieve and Restart

The foremost funda is that, don’t stress over what you are stressed about. This will never help. Instead, divert your mind.

Next is, not to stress on how to burst it.

Pen it down in your journal, or, just scribble. Also, doodling can help you out with unending thoughts.

No alcohol, no drugs or any unhealthy habits. Make some lemonade to sip it down.

Don’t make any serious talks. But make sure you talk with your friends and family.

It is ok to be alone, but not lonely.

Don’t get an expert advice, I mean who likes to get advised? Get some piece of advice only when you are ready for it, or else there is a higher possibility that you will be some extra paranoid. Yeah?

No sad music.No.No.No.

Dark chocolate and ice cream? You can have it while watching your favorite online series.

Learn to say NO to you, before taking any important decisions. Decide it when you are light-minded.

Don’t overthink, just go along with the flow.

Stay away from negative people and negative vibes. If you can’t find positivity, at least don’t get into negativity either.

No fights. Stay silent. Have your ‘Me Time‘.

Go on a date, all by yourself. Spend some quality time with you.

Binge at your favorite restaurant. Or, bake something for yourself.

Dust your workspace/home. Dusting can actually get rid of some unwanted thoughts.

It’s okay to be in pajamas and cuddle around with your loved ones. Hugs and kisses can actually comfort you.

Laugh out loud watching your best comedy movie of all time.

Do something out of your passion, that you always wanted to do.

Do watch some talk shows or standup comedy or inspirational talks from a person who is nowhere related to your field. By this, you can avoid comparing you from others. Never compare yourself with anyone.

Go for a long drive.

This is the time to take care of your body. Give yourself a spa at home.

Visit a new place.

Get some air, go for a walk with your pets(though I don’t have one).

A warm and long shower can relax you. After that a cup of hot chocolate.

Make your room dark, put your fan on high speed, some soothing music, put your blanket on and just SLEEP. This works perfectly for me. White noises can calm your brain, they are available as applications for your mobile phones.

Just an extra effort, is what you need.

Exercise put an extra effort to get some good blood circulation to your brain. A walk or cycling will also do.

Meditation and yoga are more effective. You can find some useful applications to help you, on play stores on your mobile phones.

Cry it out. Crying is not a sign of weakness, it gives you emotional fitness.

Stress is just a phase. Face it.

P.S: The above are my ways of bursting it. Do try it.


Image Source:Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest


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