Sometimes you have to grab and let go of your butterflies through the windows and shut it hard. If it has to come back, it will come through your open doors one day. If not, there is always a hope ahead. The windows and doors will open one day. It is just a matter of... Continue Reading →



Memories are what we earn in life. Good or bad, Happy or sad. They live with us and die with us. That is what we need to create in life. Even when we die, they continue to live in the heart of the ones we created it with. Good or bad, Happy or sad. They... Continue Reading →


Thank you to every person Who had been in my life, Who are in my life, Who will be there in my life. You have made me the person, I am today. Image courtesy : Pinterest.

Hey! Are you happy?

Last week I happened to have a conversation with one of my old friend. My phone rang and I answered the call. Before I could say hello, "Hey! Are you happy?" came from the other end. To be frank, I was never expecting a question like that. Who would ask such a question? I was... Continue Reading →

My first tattoo

It was one and a half years back when I got my first ever tattoo.That time I had issues with depression and anxiety attacks , that made me to take a step forward and get myself a tattoo .I used to cry to my pillow every day and night, without even knowing the reason. I... Continue Reading →

Now A Stranger

May my eyes go wet and no one sees. I am such a good girl so you cannot see. It is easy to say Good Bye! But never ever say me, Please! I may be wrong and so maybe you. But we together are right, Aren't we? Yes! Yes!Yes! The memory of biding Good Bye... Continue Reading →

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