Have you ever thought of going on a date, all by yourself? Nope? Then its time for you to think. If yes, then here are more ideas for you. How about a SOLO BLIND-FOLDED PARTNER DANCE DATE at home?Yup! You heard it right!! Switch ON the music, make your room dark, blindfold your eyes and... Continue Reading →


Spectacles off, The world seemed so blurred. Nothing had clarity; No definition, No dimension, No resolution. Nothing was as before, It's so certain. Nothing looked like the world before. So is my vision, The persistence. Spectacles on, Everything seemed so clear and fair. The hidden faces; The unsaid secrets. Looked constant, But everything had changed.... Continue Reading →


The worst thing that would ever happen to me, Will be the day, When thoughts leave my heart. Will be the day, When words abandon my brain. And my pen quits writing, And my paper just decides to flee away.   Image Source: Pinterest


Today I just casually looked into the mirror. Just then realization shook me hard; I was not all that ugly. My smile was naive, My eyes were honest, My face didn't lie. It was just that I forgot every time to look at myself. The beautiful me! It happened to be that ME, I never... Continue Reading →


Stress: Well! We all have it. The child who gets lost in a crowd, the student having his board exams, the educated-jobless youngsters, the broken couples etc., Well. OK! I am not going to stress on 'STRESS', let's not get into it. It is just common. I have it; you have it. Yeah? Stress; well,... Continue Reading →


You don't know You don't know how to describe. You, yourself don't know how it feels inside. It is something you will never understand unless and until you experience it. Fingers crossed; you will never want anyone to experience this, because you know how it feels to be felt nothing. Let's walk together through it.... Continue Reading →

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